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Report Date: August 18, 2020

Had my surgery 13 days ago, and felt like catching a fish. Capt Neal Kendricks brought my boat and we jumped in to look for a bite. Had a pretty morning. Tide was still coming for an hour or so. Caught several trout to get started, and got on a ladyfish bite to boot,most on a 4 inch gulp shrimp. Hit several redfish drops,including some docks, with no takes, then hit them on the first of the outgoing falling tide. We put 8 in the boat, with several top of the slot and the rest over the slot fish. They were laying in front of a submerged shell on the outside of a spillout in about 3 feet of water. What a great feeling again to feel the tap, set the hook, and watch the rod bend. I got pretty worn out by noon, and we called it a day. Gonna hit it again Friday with my old buddy Jim Goller doing the guiding. Should be a lot of fun. I know what thing. Don't spend much time worrying about tides, temps and wind. If you want to go fishing get off your ass and go. You never know what tomorrow may bring you. Start radiation and chemo the first of September, so Im going try to catch a few every chance I get before then. And God Bless all of you who have sent me so many prayers and wishes. I'm humbled.

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