Tarpon trip

Report Date: July 5, 2020

Fished Simon and Nicole today. Started early on the last 3 hours of the incoming. Our goal was to catch a tarpon on an artificial bait. I had 5 different baits rigged up, and we spent several hours drifting big jigs with Gulp trailers. A tarpon bite can be extremely soft, which is not what most folks would expect. I've caught several on a 5 inch Gulp jerkbait on a flutter hook, just reeling them slowly, like under the bridge uptown. I like the flutter hook because they are 3/0 and 4/0 hooks, with a bend that allows a good hookset. The bites from tarpon on those baits feels like the tick from a 12 inch trout. Until you set the hook. Nicole had a couple of bites, but never got a chance to get the hook in one. Hit a black drum drop for a few minutes with nothing, then she caught a 3 lb trout on a live shrimp under the cork. One other little one was it for the day.

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