The Legend is Human

Report Date: June 9, 2020

Asked my good buddy Jim Goller to give them a try with me this morning as I wanted to scout out some of my trout drops for the good ones. Started off on low incoming and hit a number of spots. We had mud minnows to fish and threw a little plastic to boot. Had 10 trout, 4 which were pretty nice, 2 lady fish, 2 bluefish, and a small flounder. Headed for the landing about noon, and the river turned glass. Decided to hunt a Cobia for a bit. Ended up seeing 4, and got to cast to a couple of them. Jim was the lead man, and had a nice one coming to us, and he turned to Jello. His cast never even hit the water. By the time he got reorganized, a 30 lb Cobia was 2 feet in front of the boat, staring at him. He dropped the bait, felt the bump, and missed the fish. I really knew all along he was Human, even though he is a Legend. Please don't mention this to anyone as I promised him I would never tell.

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