Spanish Mackerel

Report Date: May 17, 2020

Fished Carl and Rick Gooding today. We've fished together a number of times, and they wanted to give the Spanish Mackerel a try as they are up in the Broad River. Started on high falling tide, so hit a couple of trout drops to start. They caught 11, and I think Carl missed one too.Just were not the right fish, all shorts. Hit the Spanish a pretty good lick, as they put around 30 in the boat, and we kept 22 for a fish fry for them. The Spanish are on most of the rips and the bridge in the Broad. Find the bait and you will find the Spanish. I use a half ounce casting sinker with 30 or so inches of Trilene 30 lb Big Game mono for my leader, and tie on a gold Clark spoon. You can either cast for them, or troll the edges. I try to keep my speed up to 6 or 7 mph if trolling. If you are casting, burn the spoon back to you. You can't out reel them. They have to be 12 inches at the fork to be legal, with 15 per person limit. The ones we had today were not really big, but plenty good if you want to eat a mess of Spanish. Fun morning with lots of bites.

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