I sucked

Report Date: May 4, 2020

Well after many, many trips in a row with at least catching something, I totally whiffed on strike three. Fished with Bob and James, from Augusta, and both were good fisherman. We started off on a redfish drop, and hit 6 more, with not a single bite. Set up at the bridge to try for Cobia, and not a nibble. Saturday you couldn't keep the Spanish Mackerel off your hook, even eating the Sabiki rig we use to catch herring. So we cast and trolled for Spanish. Notta,Nary, Zilch, and Zero. What an awful morning. Wish I could blame it on something other than myself, but I can't. The water is not very pretty in the Broad River, but I guess all that upstate rain is finally getting to us. Whatever the reason it was lousy to say the least. And Bob and James were great sports about it, and very nice guys to fish.

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