Trout of the Year (so far)

Report Date: March 20, 2020

George and Alison Reynolds fished with me this morning. Started on high falling tide, and hit a drop I hadn't fished for a while. And boy was I glad I did. First cast Alison put a legal trout in the boat, then another, and then George had one about 19 inches we were all gloating over. And the next Alison hooked up what I thought was a Redfish, and it turned out to be a pig of a trout. It was between 25 and 26 inches long, and fat as me. What a gorgeous fish. We released it to grow a little more! Also caught 3 Redfish, a couple of black drum and a few whiting to round out the day. But Alison had the trout we all wish we could catch for sure!

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