Ethan's First

Report Date: March 14, 2020

The Coronavirus has impacted my charter business, as I've had several cancellations the last couple of days due to travel, and expect more in the near future. A bright spot in all this mess is that we had our youth weekend for youngsters to turkey hunt, before the official season opens next weekend. I invited my friend Riley Godwin to take his son Ethan with me. Riley couldn't go, but brought Ethan to meet me early Saturday morning. We tried a farm, and saw the gobblers but they were all henned up, and we couldn't call them away to us. Went to another farm and saw the birds in a field and were able to get pretty close undetected, and after 20 minutes of working them with the call, got a gobbler to come to us on the run, and Ethan put him down at 15 steps. It was his first turkey hunt ever, and we were both super excited with the hunt. Really fun to see his excitement. I'm sure that memory will live with him long after I'm gone.

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