Whacked 'em

Report Date: February 11, 2020

Fished with Will, Bill, and Jason today. Started an hour before high tide, and picked up 5 really nice reds off our first drop. Ran to a deep creek to try for trout, and just couldn't get it going. Had several bites, but they would crush the head on the shrimp but never take enough to get a hook in them. We did pick up 4 more reds with jigheads and shrimp on the bottom, one of them weighing 10 pounds on the boga scale. As the tide was right I ran to my honey hole again. Had to look a little to find them as they were not in the usual spot, but we finally found them. And it was on like crazy. They put 53 more in the boat, from 15 inches to 24 inches, so there is obviously more than one school using that little flat. It has been an incredible drop for me this winter to say the least. Wish I had one or two more like it, but grateful to have it for sure. They had a ball, as you can imagine. Ended with the 62 Redfish, and 1 small trout.

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