Fair bite

Report Date: January 19, 2020

This morning was one of those days I hate. Had a charter, but the weather was not good. Radar had rain coming in lasting most of the morning, with a little wind to throw in the mix. The client and I decided to cancel. As I was all hooked up to go, decided I would try it anyway. Called my neighbor with a invite and he jumped in with me. We hit a trout drop first and picked up 7 or 8, mostly shorts. A deep creek was absolutely loaded with trout, but all shorts. Tried a couple more drops with no luck, then hit a deep dock and put 11 redfish and 2 sheepshead in the boat. The current was running hard, and I was using a shrimp on a jighead, throwing it into a back eddy, and letting the current do with it as it pleased rather than working the bait constantly. The bite was hard to feel, but we did pretty good on them. And it never did rain of course.

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