Report Date: January 9, 2020

Fished this morning with Tyler, Scottie, and Jimmy. Jimmy is going on 83 and spry as a cat. Headed straight to the fish I found yesterday, and Jimmy put a short trout in the boat on the first cast. After that, I can hardly recall a cast that didn't either produce a fish or a bite. This went on for over an hour, and 61 Redfish later we left them biting. This is my personal best for number of Redfish coming off one anchor. I never moved the boat, and we finally switched out from live shrimp under the cork to putting a white gulp on the circle hook under the cork, and it never slowed down. All the fish except 2 or 3 over and 2 or 3 under were in the slot. Crazy. Hit another drop with nothing, then fished just one more drop to finish the morning. Had 4 more Redfish, all over the slot, and one 30 inches, plus 8 black drum and 12 trout. They ended up keeping 7 trout, 6 reds, and 1 black drum for a fish fry. And my butt was worn out.

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