Report Date: January 8, 2020

Haven't been on the water for a few days, and have a trip tomorrow, so did some scouting this morning. Didn't have much time left on my first drop as the tide was falling out pretty fast, but popped 3 reds right quick and left them. They were up shallow. Bought shrimp at Boat and Dock and was floating them under a cork. My next drop had a lot of current moving, and they were there also. couldn't keep the bow out of my line to cork fish, so went to a jighead and picked up 3 more. My last drop was a deep creek, and using a jig and shrimp caught two big reds on the drop, and then left them alone to look for trout. The water temp kept falling as the tide went out, and got clear down to 50.8 degrees. I've always used 50 degrees as the cut off when bites from trout are tough to get. I was marking fish on my depth finder, but the only way I could get them to bite was almost to dead stick the shrimp, letting it fall from 6 foot of water down into 12 or so. The bite was extremely soft, but I did manage to catch 4. All were on the shrimp. I tried a pearl/chartreuse tailed gulp, which usually works, and worked it extremely slow on the bottom. I did get several pick ups, but they would never hold it long enough to set the hook in them. Hopefully the warmer temps this weekend will raise the water back up just a little. It was 54 degrees in the main river on first incoming when I was headed back in. Hope my fish are there tomorrow.

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