Post storm fish

Report Date: October 21, 2019

Tropical storm Nestor came thru here with rain and high winds Saturday and Sunday morning. I was back on the water today, and had Dave, Kyle and Greg on the boat with me. All three were good fisherman, and I had a good time picking at them. And they had a good time catching fish. Picked up some really nice trout on our first drop, plus a few small redfish and a small flounder. And the surprise of the trip. Dave's cork went down, and the fish took off like a rocket. we were in 4 feet of water. I had to come off anchor and give chase to keep him from getting spooled. After running to deep water, out the water came a huge spinner shark. He made one 360 twist and broke the line right at the hook. I don't know what he weighed, but he was big. Ate a darn live shrimp. Hit several more drops picking up one or two, and then got on a pretty good bite with trout, reds, and black drum. Ended up the morning with 24 trout, 7 redfish, 3 black drum, the flounder and one more smaller shark. Nice day on the water.

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