Gee Whiz!

Report Date: October 8, 2019

Had Tyler, Marten and Austin to fish today. I bought a 100 shrimp, and we started at fishing at 8:30. At 10:45 the shrimp were gone. I ran to a small creek as the tide had fallen enough, and put another 200 or so in the livewell. We caught fish on every single drop we fished except one, and had 13 Redfish and 18 trout and 3 ladyfish before we ran out. I went to one drop after I caught bait again, and man o man. The fished were absolutely stacked up. They had many doubles and several triple hookups. They caught 29 redfish, 21 trout, 3 black drum, a 2 ladyfish off that one drop. It was low falling with the water still moving good, and we were floating the live shrimp under the popping cork. Wore me out totally taking fish off and baiting hooks. They kept 9 trout and 2 black drum for a mess. We had many reds in the slot, plus 4 or 5 over. The biggest was 26 inches. Ended with 42 redfish, 39 trout, 3 black drum, and 5 ladyfish. They were a happy crew to say the least.

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