Tarpon trip

Report Date: August 22, 2019

Fished Robyn and JT today. They wanted to target Tarpon. I caught a net full of pretty mullet and we headed to the bridge. Tide had been coming in for a couple of hours. Set up on the bottom with live mullet, and freelined a couple behind the boat. First fish we caught was a huge stingray. I thought we had another one shortly after, but turned out to be a bull Redfish, weighing 21 pounds. The next fish was a beautiful 3 lb Spanish Mackerel that busted one of the top baits. As I was feeding the freelined bait back behind the boat, something latched on and went by the boat like a rocket. I never got reeled up fast enough to come tight. The bait came back a little mangled, but no teethmarks. Leads me to believe it sure could have been a Tarpon. Anyway, ended up with another big Ray, and a Blacktip shark to round out the day. Gonna give them another shot tomorrow.

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