Tarpon try

Report Date: August 10, 2019

My good bud Jim Goller and I took off early uptown to try and catch a tarpon. Caught bait in Factory Creek with no problem, nice mullet. I had some live shrimp left in the boat, so hit a drop or two on our way. Picked up a half dozen small trout, and 4 Redfish, all rats. Set up on a tarpon drop in the Coosaw, and saw one roll below us. The rod went off and I was fast to a stringray the size of the hood on my truck. Turns out an oyster toadfish had eaten the mullet, and the Ray ate it in turn. Both were on the hook when I got them to the surface. Ran back to the uptown bridge, and set up on the last of the falling on the Ladys Island side below the bridge. We saw over a half dozen roll, but never got a taker. Next time

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