Very mixed bag

Report Date: May 28, 2019

Fished Scott Grubb and his Dad and Chris, Chris, and Jason today. Started early on the falling tide, and started in on the Spanish Mackerel. They have been thick the last couple of weeks at the Broad River Bridge as the bait is there and with no rain I'm sure the salinity is pretty high vs. normal. Anyway, they picked up a half dozen to keep for supper and had several under minimum throw backs. Hit an oyster bank , and caught a very mixed bag of fish. I had caught some really pretty mud minnows yesterday after my trip, and although it wasn't a killer bite, it was fairly steady under the popping corks. They ended up catching a half dozen trout, with 4 really nice ones. Also had 2 upper slot Redfish, 4 flounder (all short of the 15 inch minimum) a bluefish, a ladyfish hook up and short release, and a blacktip shark and a lemon shark. Ended up with 8 different species, which gave the Oklahoma boys a pretty good taste of the Lowcountry

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