Inshore slam

Report Date: May 27, 2019

Fished my good friend Joseph Sadler today. He called and wanted to know the other day if I wanted to go fishing and I said sure. This was my day off, and hard to say no to a 13 year old. Id rather he was fishing with me than playing video games on his phone. We left early to beat a little of the heat. Caught two little trout right off, then hit the Spanish Mackerel. He caught 9 as the tide was ebbing. Decided to hit a couple redfish/trout drops. He caught a very nice trout, then added another keeper and a pretty slot redfish to the mix. Up to the next drop and we finished off with a legal flounder, and another keeper trout. He had an inshore slam the last time he fished with me a year ago, and darn if he didn't do it again today. Pretty morning on the water.

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