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Report Date: May 18, 2019

Fished Paula Shuler today. David was still planting on the farm and elected to finish up. Had a very interesting thing happen. Started on a high tide and got right on a trout bite. She put 4 in the boat in 5 casts. And 3 of them were pigs. I happen to look to my right, and saw a huge head in the water. It was a Manatee. And not only one but 4. They swam right by the boat, and through my fish. They are really huge mammals. Then decided to just hang around. And of course that killed the bite. Never had another pull there. Hit several more drops looking for Redfish, and she put another really nice trout in the boat, over 20 inches. Then we got the Redfish going a little, and she ended up hooking 4 putting 3 nice ones in the boat. All good slot fish. Ended with 8 trout and 4 reds and a bluefish. Not bad for a 4 hour trip for one person.

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