Davey Hite

Report Date: April 28, 2019

Through the years I've had the opportunity to fish some well known people. Today I had the chance to fish with a very well known professional bass fisherman. Davey Hite came with his son Peyton and friend Eric. Davey won the Bass Masters Classic in 1999, finished second another year, won several Elite tournaments, and was inducted into the Bassmasters Hall of Fame last month. All that is very impressive, but even more so is the type of man he is. Just a great guy to be around. I was excited to get a chance to watch him fish, and wasn't disappointed. I got us on a trout bite to start the morning, even though I was looking for Redfish. I've found Redfish every trip for the last 6 months, but of course this morning could't find one to save my soul. We picked up 10 or so trout on the first drop, and I had Davey throwing a Mirrodine. As the tide dropped out we decided to try the Cobia as he had never caught one. Ran to the drop and we went to work using soft plastics. Eric put the first one in the boat, but it was under the slot. They have to be 36 inches at the fork to be legal. Finally Davey saw two fish on the surface, made a perfect cast to the fish, and set the hook on what was a 40 pound plus fish. After fighting it for several minutes, the hook broke in the bait at the bend. I was sick about it. I've never had that happen before. Although we didn't get a picture out of it, at least he got to experience the fun of seeing the fish and getting to feel their strength for a bit. As the the tide ran back in we looked for Redfish some more, and ended up catching more trout, several bluefish and a nice flounder. It was a great trip for me, and I hope him. Hope to have him back on the boat again some day.

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