Turkey time

Report Date: March 25, 2019

Took a break from fishing Saturday, and went turkey hunting with some old friends, David and Paula Shuler. We had set up a blind on their farm a couple of weeks ago. Heard two gobblers on the roost early, but couldn't get them going. We walked the perimeter of the woodline calling and trying to get one started, with no luck. Went back to the blind and I worked the call pretty regular and finally got an answer from a gobbler. Wasn't long until we got three of them talking back, and shortly one showed up in front of the blind in full strut. Paula put the bead on him and let go, but missed on the first shot. She didn't on the second, and rolled him up graveyard dead! It was her first turkey hunt ever, and all of three of us were super excited how the hunt ended!

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