Cold Water

Report Date: January 31, 2019

Got a bad case of cabin fever this morning, and even though it was pretty chilly, decided to hit the river. Called my old buddy Jim Goller, and he jumped on the band wagon. Took off about an hour before low, and hit a bank he had been seeing hundreds of fish. Or so he said. We worked the whole bank, and saw a grand total of 3 fish. Something fishy here. But in his defense, the water temps had dropped 7 or 8 degrees since his last outing, and were in the 46 degree range. Those fish must have gone South! Tried several drops, including some deep creeks for trout, and never had a touch. Just too darn cold for the fish to be active. Talked to another friend who fished a charter in a different area, and they caught 1 fish. So I'm going to let the Legend off the hook this time, and wait for warmer waters to judge his ability to count fish. Temps should warm back up this next week, as we are to be in the mid seventies for a few days. Hopefully the bite will turn back on.

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