Trout trip

Report Date: January 2, 2019

Fished this morning with Jim and Ernie. They specifically asked to target trout, as they wanted to learn a little more where and how to target them. We threw soft plastics all morning, including Vudu shrimp, Nortons, and Lil Jons. Most were in silver or chartruese. We fished in a pea fog to start off the trip around docks, but only picked up 1 trout. Ran to a creek and caught a half dozen more, but most were under minimum. Did pick up 1 Redfish, and finished up catching more trout on some rocks. All on the falling and low tide. Finished with 15 trout, and 1 redfish. They had 5 or so they kept for supper. Great guys to fish, and really look forward to having them back on the Morada someday

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