Good day, long day

Report Date: November 6, 2018

Today was the annual Brays Island Redfish tournament. I fished with Gilbert and Jancy Patrick, a couple I have fished several times before. There were 24 fishermen this year on 12 boats. We started off on high water, and I hit 3 or 4 spots I thought might be holding the right size fish. We never had a pull down. Moved a good ways back up the river as the water was falling out, and we got on the bite. Using live shrimp and mud minnows under the Midcoast popping corks, they put 18 Redfish in the boat. Jancy had two pigs, well over the slot. The rest of the fish were slot fish, but not top of the slot which I knew we needed to win. We kept the biggest 3 to weigh in, and they averaged between 2 and a half to 3 pounds. Not big enough to win, but we did take 2nd place, and they won a nice soft sided Yeti cooler. They also caught 5 trout, one really nice 18 inch fish. I cleaned two of them for their supper.
Somehow one of the guides in the tournament got double booked, and a pair of fellows did not get to fish the tournament. They asked if I would fish them in the afternoon, so I agreed. Turns out it was the same group I have booked this Sunday. Got them right on the fish, and they ended up putting 16 Redfish, 1 Black drum, and a small trout in the boat for our afternoon effort. Really a long day for an old man like me, but a pretty darn fun one with a two very nice groups to fish.

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