Strong bite

Report Date: November 4, 2018

Fished Doug, Don and Dan this morning. Had a strong NE wind blowing, so had to hunt and pick our spots. Started off on a dock, and they picked up 5 Redfish, all but one in the slot, and a small Bluefish. Ran to another dock and they put a good country butt whuppin on the fish. Had 14 more Redfish in the boat, with one big fish broke off. Almost all were in the slot. They decided they wanted to try for trout , and as the redfish were still biting, I called a friend of mine fishing his Dad and had them slip in behind us on the same drop. They called later and said they put 15 more Reds in the boat off that drop. We ran to a couple of trout drops, and they put a couple of nice keepers in the boat and a short or two. Ended with 19 Reds and 4 trout. I like these kind of bites.

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